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  1. I will not delete anyone post, just edit is enough. No *hocus*pocus* lol
  2. You edit and delete the application made by Ezzuddeen? why not delete the whole post? Lol
  3. Continue at the team section
  4. I will add some new section, recruit new mod and new usergroup lol
  5. lol! Nice one..
  6. no permission, I just use adam account haha. btw I love this one
  7. To what extend the forum permission you got?

    And where do you get the old user title image for admin and not the rest?
  8. already check, it seel just user title did not change
  9. yes i have access to acp, no viewing right
  10. Look at the bottom, do you have access to acp? If no, that means you got no admin rights yet, Adam just move you to the admin group only.
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