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Thread: Natar Guide for newbies (what to expect)

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    Default Natar Guide for newbies (what to expect)

    Natar appears in few stages

    1st stage
    In the Beginning, u get scouted even if u have 1000 E.Legati (roman scout) u will still lose. however, even if u have no scout, u can still see a scouts report. Scouting will happen in the capital. This purpose is mainly to inform u the WW villages are out. and by the scout report, u can find these villages locations, (in all 14-15 all random, NAtar Capital at 400 400). scouting also happens higher ranks first to lower ranks.
    at this stage and all other stages, Natar Does NOT attack any of Your own villages. just 1 scouting event.

    this stage is particularly to inform u WW is out and the natar village locations. at this stage there are 14 i think village which in future can be used to build the WW's. 1 is the capital which u can't catch. others are all WW village which for the next 2 month will be defending with ur life. their villages are WELL DEFENDED. DO NOT attack with a army less then 100K there are NO WALL OR RESIDENCE and scouting is QUITE useless if u have below 100 scouts. send ur full army and senator along to capture and defend it. Remember NO CATA cause it has NO RESIDENCE. Of the villages, the Natar capital is a 4446. other village varies from 5 clay, 5 wood 5 iron or common 4446's there is no natar 9 or 15C

    WW holders need stage 1 to lvl infrastructures. so the WW race has actually already begun. u need palace to a certain lvl and lots of Warehouse.Stage 1 will remain rather peaceful after 3 days of natar village appearing. the 1st day how ever will be chaotic.

    Summary: the 1st stage is to inform of WW, and allow u to capture WW villages and defend it and allow WW holders to make infrastructure to prepare for WW. (to make WW . Stage 1 lasts for an estimate 2 weeks.

    Note: Resources transfer (all res, not crop only) are NOT limited and WW villages are in a way not bounded to resources and reinforce rules.

    2nd stage
    Few more village that looks weird appears. (some claim is building on Oases) but these villages(14-15 also if i not mistaken) are Construction plan holding village, also VERY well defended.

    To capture the plan u also need a Hero that survived the battleand a lvl10 treasury from the Attacking village. Note: treasury CANNOT be made in capitals
    Treasury is Perbendaharaan in MY server.

    this stage the things heat up. as Perbendaharaan are normal villages. u need to split attacks and defenses in a few (normally pro ally holds 2-4 WW villages) and u need DEF for plans villages too(village with Perbendaharaan that has contents). a lot of ally aim for the plan villages instead of the actual WW cause its likely to be not as heavily defended as the WW village.

    U need plans to make the actual WW other then owning a WW village(ex-Natar village)
    u only need 1 for lvl1-50. U don't need to actually have it or defend it but as long as ur alliance member has it, its OK.
    Staring from lvl 51, either you or ur alliance member must hold a second Plan. (if u don't have the 1st u must have a 2nd, meaning out of the 2 ur Alliance Must have, u MUST have 1 if u are the WW holder)
    All construction plans are the SAME only numbers are different which actually does not effect game play.


    The 2nd stage is mainly about obataining the WW construction plan and maintaining it and reforming alliances And Start the WW race. Stage 2 lasts 1 week

    Stage 3

    the WW Race. this stage is the simplest to understand but hardest to succeed.
    WW holders MM for Crop daily and u send def and get no report from ally leaders (to keep troop count secret).
    WW personals race to reach 100 lvl of WW 1st. this stage Hammers suddenly show up in dozens and Largest army size of the game are thrown out.
    Natar WILL ATTACK the WW Village every time the WW level reaches the interval of 5, in full (5,10,15,20.....90,95,96,97,98,99)
    Natar ONLY attacks the WW village and no others.
    This stage lasts 1.5-2.5 months depending on server competitiveness.


    End of Guide
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