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Thread: multi acc or co-user

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    Maksudnya kita boleh berkongsi password dengan orang yang kita percayala kan?

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    can...but make sure he only playing 1 account

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    If a player has an account on his own, then he can't dual for another account right.? I mean in the same server..

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    yes....dual means playing one account only one server....(not including sitter)

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    we can pass our pw to others..?

    r u sure..?

    hmmm...that was what happend to me...

    Myself only really have one acc.. (i really hate multi account user) atas sebab by that time I can't on9 every day...I gave my pw to other player in order to take care of my village...

    u know what...MH charge me being cheated n empty my gudang...huhuhu....i explained everything to them but it doesn't work...memang upset giler time tu....n ask them to check my IP either i was registered more then single account...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zamilka View Post
    we can pass our pw to others..?.
    You can, but it is illadvised.
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    I've spoken to Howzat before.
    He doesn't take himself too seriously, which is a win.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpy View Post
    I love how you're the only one so far on this forum that I've seen has negative rep.
    Keep being brilliant, please.

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    §1.2 Password
    The owner of an account may not transfer the password of an account to any person playing on the same game world (server). Additionally, knowingly choosing the same password on the same game world as another person is illegal; any of these actions is considered multiaccounting, as defined in these rules.

    However, it is permissible to transfer the password of an account to a person or persons playing on different game world (or not playing at all) in order to play a single account together.

    There is no compensation for damages done by someone knowing the password for an account. The Travian Team reserves the right to deny service features/compensation/help and may punish the account in question for illegal password sharing. Furthermore an account that uses an insecure password that can be easily obtained or guessed does not qualify for compensation in case of damage to the account.

    The person receiving the password is subject to the rules of Travian as well as the General Terms and Conditions.

    §2.2 Same pc usage
    Players using the same computer and wanting to access each other's account must use the sitter function.

    §10 Illegal Logins
    You may only access another players account via the sitter function. Abuse of the same pc usage is forbidden. Furthermore it is not permitted to gain access to another account in an illegal way.

    Conclusion...You can't do that...You will get banned if you do...

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    Dual is allowed, sharing password not. Don't confuse with this two game play

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    why dual & sitter is allowed but not multi?
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    multi is unfair in terms of sending resources. correct me if i m wrong. even little,they still gv u a slight advantage
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