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Thread: multi acc or co-user

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    multi is unfair in terms of sending resources. correct me if i m wrong. even little,they still gv u a slight advantage
    And dual is not? So is sitter?

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    Dual is 2 person playing 1 account.. Once you play dual, you can't have another account in the same server.. And sitter is for other people to help you to look out for your account.. Sitter has his own account but in addition he took care of another players account during that player's absence (for a period of time)..

    While, multi is 1 player playing multiple-account.. And usually, multi's will use their villages to pump their main village..

    1 player can only have 1 account.. And he may have 2 sitters at a time..

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    can someone answer my questions...

    for info i'm using celcom broadband...

    around 1 month ago I go to celcom service center and they told me that celcom is using sharing IP not dynamic IP like streamyx...
    they only been given 4 IP by telekoms malaysia...

    i think this is true because since i'm using celcom there are a few website says my IP have been banned (like mininova)... for god sake it was my first day of using celcoms...

    other example like rapidshare saying that my IP is already downloading a file and i don't even start any downloading...

    so my questions is if other celcom broadbands user have multi account is it going to effects on my account even i only have 1 account.... like i'll be banned also....

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    i guess same IP is not a big deal..
    unless u send resource in big amount and often just to 1 kg..
    people usually get caught by doing this.
    correct me if im wrong.

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    thanks Don for your info...


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