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Thread: Teuton Guides ( Speed Server )

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilG View Post
    From my friend, "MyLord"..
    For Speed teuton guide

    Suggestioned time to begin : 1 - 2 day after the server begin..

    First Day :
    Main Building lvl 2: 90 50 75 25 --14:30
    Rally Point: 110 160 90 70 --10:40
    Main Building lvl 3: 115 65 100 35 --17:50
    Barrack: 210 140 260 120 --10:20
    Maceman (2): 190 150 80 80 --10:00

    Total: 715 565 605 330 Requires time : 63:20 minutes

    What u have to do is raid, raid and raid.. No Embassy, no Fence, no others. Just consentrate to ur troops. Then build Warehouse, Granary and marketplace..

    Second Day :
    Wood Cutter lvl 3
    Clay Pit lvl 2
    Iron Mine lvl 1
    Crop, just need to make sure, crops don't go minus
    Main Building lvl 10
    Barrack lvl 3
    Academy lvl 10 (Research Scout!)
    Town Hall lvl 1 (Just make a celebration to make CP)
    Castle lvl 10
    Maceman 100-125 units

    PS : Don't make any building except above. Just Raid, raid, and raid, then raid, and raid..

    Third Day:
    settlers 3 units
    barracks lvl 5
    Maceman 150-200 unit
    scouts 20 unit
    Town Hall (Might be second party)

    Again, don't build any building.. except above. Raiddddddd

    Choosing second Village:
    for travian version 3.5:
    I Suggest u choose village with combination 3-5-4-6 / 4-4-3-7
    Reason for choosing Clay Village, was because u'll need more Clay than other resource, in the beginning of the game.

    Why not 15C / 9C ?
    Because u'll need more supply in the beginning.

    Risk for don't take the 15C / 9C village for second village :
    Other player will take it, of course.
    But, u'll take it again from him. Just make his village go down, and take it.

    Forth Day :
    - First Village
    upgrade all resource field to 4th level,
    Make 1 level 10 Wood Cutter
    Make 1 level 10 Clay Pit
    Make 1 level 10 Iron Mine

    - Second Village
    Supply ur Second Village, from ur first village. Make sure u'll get third village faster than anyone could.

    Rally Point lvl 1
    MarketPlace lvl 1
    Main Building lvl 10
    Academy lvl 10
    Town Hall ( make a celebration )
    Castle lvl 10
    Warehouse lvl 8
    Granary lvl 8
    Settlers 3 unit
    Crop lvl 2

    Fifth day :
    it might u'd have enough cp to build third village. u can choose freely for third village.
    but, look around u. Is there live people that have bigger pops and scare u ? if it so, just take the 15c fastly ( if 15c was near to ur second village ).

    ideal village :
    first village: 4x4x4x6: main raider (2000 Maceman + 400 Paladin )
    second village: 3x5x4x6: catapult base (catapult and axe)
    third village: 5x4x3x6: scout base
    forth village: 4x4x4x6: Capital, defender, main supplier.
    fifth village: 15C: Hammer (axe, TK, ram, catapult)
    sixth village: 9C: raider, for mid game(maceman, paladin, ram)

    Q: Why don't I pick 15c as capital, and hammer?
    A: because great barrack and great stall can't built at capital.

    Q: Why don't I pick 15c as capital, and main supplier?
    A: If u're a gold player, go try it
    My friend have try this tactic, and, sure, he got 100k more than 4x4x4x6 capital.

    Huff.. Just this for now.. Tired to translating language.. >,<

    If there's failed of translating, let me know..

    superb instruction!! mybe i'll use this method nxt time

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    saper2 bleh x terjemah kepada bahasa melayu?

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    Default great job

    nice guide DevilG,
    I am practising this guide on aux server right now..
    n its seem great!!

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    Aku boleh tolong terjemahkan nanti dengan pembetulan sekali.


    There are several things that are kinda weird and I wouldn't really suggest doing. I did a couple of things different on MYX and I remember that I was the fastest simmer to ever play on this round of speed and I had my 3rd village just as the others were getting their 2nd. I'm not really in the mood to post anything long so I'll reserve this post for my views:

    My Guide

    First Day

    1. Start around 18-24 hours after the server has restarted. Do not start right as the server begins since it'll put you in the center and in the worst possible spot for farming/survival. Choose Teuton obviously if you want the best farms and of course best army around.

    2. When you first start, skip the quests and go for the instant rewards/resource thing that they give you (every 3 hours?). You'll need to be very active to be able to optimize the time you have to redeem the free resources. Remember though that you won't be able to raid for nearly an entire day due to everyone being in BP near you but you could try your luck farther out. Raise up MB to level 3, RP level 1 and barracks level 1. If you don't have enough wood to do anything, try raising a wood field or two. The faster speed gives you returns on your investment faster and is better than just waiting around doing nothing while clay + iron pile up... By the end of BP you should be able to get around 15-22 clubbies if you did it right.

    First day of raiding (i.e 2nd day of your account).

    3. This is vital and ensures whether you become a farmer or farm. Check out the guys around you and their pop + offense/defense score. Always aim for romans first and hit them til they're dry. Next up are low pop teutons. If you notice a high offense score, send a strong raid of 25% of your full army, don't send everything since if they're as good as I am they'll do a 1-2 second counter on you. Keep investing everything into clubbies and if you lack wood you pound out a few wood fields.

    The general rule of the thumb is that for every 50 clubs you have you'll need a level of RP. So once your army increases by 50 clubs you'll need to upgrade your RP again each time.
    4. Storage. You'll need more storage capacity of course to keep all the resources from overflowing. Upgrade your warehouses and granary respectively if you almost overflow from all the raids coming in. You'll need a level 3 cranny as well to protect your massively negative army from starving should someone attempt to raid you. I'll explain that one in step 5. You'll also want a marketplace to NPC your resources into clubs if for some weird reason someone actually raids you. There's enough free gold given by the system for that. Use it wisely.

    5. Troops and training. By this time you'll want to have scouts to check out the people around you and prevent them from checking you out as well. Intelligence is the key to winning battles and prevent them as well. Train around 10-20 scouts for personal defense or more if you want to scout the people around you. Remember this is all on the first day of raiding (i.e 2nd day of your account). Some people think building a cranny is gay but who cares what they think. It's vital if you want to keep your -300 crop army alive when someone is hitting your village and you've just NPCed all extra reso into more clubs.

    2nd Day of Raiding (3rd day of account)

    6. This is the expansion stage where you're boosting for a 2nd village with all the resources you have at your disposal. I'm not actually sure when I started doing celebs but since it's just for a guide I'll advise doing it on the 2nd day of raiding as the top priority (start celebs BEFORE you start up the settlers). Upgrade residence to level 10 and then train settlers when resources allow you to. Meanwhile in between that keep the raids pumping and research paladins (for teuton hunting) and spears (anti-gaul). Train a decent amount of both and make a paladin hero of'll definitely want one. The palas and spears as well as first celeb should have actually been done YESTERDAY but it requires nearly 18-24 hours of non-activity so it's not for the average player to follow that line of strategy. This is the simpler noobified strategy. If you're doing pretty well and are a good player/use copious amounts of gold you'll be able to reach this stage faster.

    7. Settlers done, where do I settle?

    That's a very good question. If you use gold you'll want a 125%/150% 15c and if you've done things right you'll be the first on the server to be able to settle a 2nd village and hence you can have your pick of ANY cropper. If you're a non-gold player try to find a good 15c near your starter and settle that instead. Some people will not advise you to take a 15c as your 2nd village but screw them. Have they ever held a WW village/trained a WW hammer? You want to "reserve" the best cropper possible with your settlers and not with some noob profile reservation that nobody pays attention to

    *To be Continued* ada claz...
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    biler nk continue nih bro.....
    ak menanti nie


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    klo ko nk lebih cpt cari laa kat server lain., skg ni ak pnah jmpe kat travian aus gn com jer.,
    klo ko prasan suma lebih kurang sama jer.,


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