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Thread: [Informasi] IRC: Everything there is to know [English Guide]

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    Default [Informasi] IRC: Everything there is to know [English Guide]

    1. What is IRC?
    2. Some general information regarding Travian IRC
    3. How to get there the easy way.
    4. How to get there using an IRC Client
    5. Extended information regarding Travian IRC
    6. IRC Indicator (in forum signature)
    7. IRC Services

    1. What is IRC?

    IRC is the technology Travian uses for the chat systems outside the game.
    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is actually older then the web itself. More information about this can be found here.
    Begin March 2006 Travian created its own dedicated IRC Network and currently over 1000 users are connected at any time during the day.

    Most countries have created their own channel on the network which can normally be found by using the chat option in the menu or joining the channel #travian.XX. XX being the TLD of your country.
    Example for -

    2. Some general information regarding Travian IRC

    For the experienced users; will get you at the place.
    All countries have their own DNS, so, and will all work and will all bring you to the same place.

    There currently 5-6 servers, each with its own task;

      • This server is a 'production' server and can be used to chat. You can connect to it directly using Note: Do not use any other TLD for this. Just .org.
        The server is located in The Netherlands
      • This server has been taken out of 'production' recently and is still connected. Some users might still be using it, but it isn't used officially anymore. The IRC management keeps the server available in case the capacity needs to be increased. The server is located in Germany
      • This server is the 'hub'. This means the server is the central place where everything comes together. The server can not be used by users and can not be reached directly by anyone other then a selected group of IRCops.
      • This is the replacement of roman.* and since shortly available for the users as a 'production' server. You can connect to it directly using The server is located in Virginia, United States.
      • Services is a vital system on the network. Its hosted on the gaul.* server and provides the services like nickserv, chanserv and botserv. These services make sure you can register your own nickname and identify every time you visit IRC again. It also provides you with advanced channel management options to make running your own chat more easily.
      • At the time of writing, the stats are down and awaiting heavy maintenance. As our schedule is busy and other things waiting with higher priority it can be another while before stats are re-activated.

    3. How to get there the easy way.

    At any webpage within Travian you can find a menu option named "Chat".
    This link is available at the frontpage and in-game.
    It opens another window which requires Java to be installed on the computer.

    The Chat link in the menu.

    Once you have clicked on it, it will open a window - connects to IRC automatically and joins 3 channels;

    • #travian
      • All applet users join this channel + a lot of general users are here. You wont see any users in the list on your right hand, as the channel is really huge.
    • #traviansupport.XX
      • This channel provides Travian support for your language.
    • #travian.XX
      • The main channel for your country.

    In reality it will look like this:

    You can see at the bottom there 2 lines;
    Public: Here are all public channels listed. Note: does not join a support channel.
    Private: Here you can find your status window where all system/IRC Services reports go to. Also any private conversations will be listed here.

    Starting a private conversation can be easily done by one of the two following options:
    1. /msg nick
    2. Double click on the name on the right.

    You can see is orange. This means your currently in that channel. You can easily switch by just clicking on the other buttons.
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    4. How to get there using an IRC Client

    This will explain you how to configure mIRC, which is the most used Client for Windows users trying to get on IRC.
    Important note: mIRC gives you a window that says after 30 days the trial is over. Even after these 30 days you can still use mIRC. Every time you start up the program, you will have to wait 3 seconds before you can click on 'continue'. Three seconds isn't that long guys
    For more information or tutorials for other clients; please visit at the IRC section.

    After installation

    After installing mIRC, you can run it. You will see the following. Note: the red bar won't be red but blue.
    AGAIN: Even after these 30 days you can still use mIRC. Every time you start up the program, you will have to wait 3 seconds before you can click on 'continue'. Three seconds isn't that long guys

    Click 'Continue' and you will see the next window.
    Enter your personal information, the way you can see on the image.

    After filled in, you can see a menu on the left.
    Its standing on 'Connect" and under that it shows 'Servers'.
    Click on 'Servers' and you get a new window. On this window, click on 'Add' and fill in as shown below.
    Click on the 'Add' on the small window, click on 'Ok' on the 'bigger' window and you finished configuring.

    On the left top you see a light-bolding.
    Click on it to connect to IRC.

    You will immediately see a lot of text popping up, relax and wait till it stops.
    You will most likely get some pop-up with "Join your favorite channels'. At the bottom of that window you can remove the setting to avoid it next time.

    In case it didn't showed you a list of all (public) channels, type:
    You will see that the server generates a list of all channels, from biggest to smallest.
    You can easily double click on a channel to join it.
    Please make sure to follow local channel rules. This means in general - Speaking the language the channel is based on.

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    5. Extended information regarding Travian IRC

    As explained in chapter 2; the network has various servers.
    Our main goal is to create a stable and safe environment for the 10.000+ users visiting the chat every day and besides this, we offer various features to the users.
    This all required some extra server power - explaining the 4-5 servers.

    For example; you can see if I'm online currently.
    Example Tranqer is currently:
    (more about this at the next chapter)

    But we also provide Secure Connections (SSL), various non-standard IRC ports to (try to) avoid firewalls at college, university, work or parents. for example has the following standard ports:
    6660, 6661, 6662, 6663, 6664, 6665, 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, 8067 & 6123
    Standard is 6667, most servers have ports extra in the range 6660 - 6669.
    Teuton also offers 8067 and 6123.

    SSL Ports: 6697 & 7000
    SSL is a extra security measure where you can connect to IRC and all your data to the server gets encrypted.
    Note: If the person your talking to isn't using SSL, it wont do much difference.
    Normally this isn't used much as most users don't use it. But in case your paranoid... its always available.

    Furthermore we have an option to immediately see which IRCop is available for support.
    IRCop's are the person who maintain/control the network and all its servers and services.
    If you have a general question, best to start asking in #help.
    A dedicated team of very experienced IRC users are there to help you with 9 out of 10 questions.
    In case you really need an IRCop, because you found a botnet or witnessed something you really thing requires our attention, you can always type /ircops
    A list of online IRCops will come forward on your status window and it will look like this;

    Sm0ke0ut is a Services Administrator on [Helpop]
    (Speaking English and Dutch)
    IchWillKuehe is a Services Administrator on [Helpop]
    (Speaking English and German)
    ff-away is a Services Administrator on [Helpop]
    (Speaking English and German)
    Fayntic is a Services Administrator on [Helpop]
    (A bot providing us and the users with various stuff including some channel stats and management options - home made)
    Tranqer is a Network Administrator on [Helpop]
    (Speaking English and Dutch)
    Arrakaij is an IRC Operator on [Helpop]
    (Speaking English and German)
    marzipan is a Services Administrator on [Helpop]
    (Speaking English)
    Mika is a Global Operator on [Helpop]
    (Speaking English and Italian)
    Travian-Proxyscanner is a Network Administrator on [Away]
    (Open Proxy Scanner - more later)
    Total: 9 IRCOPs online - 6 Admins, 2 Opers and 1 Away
    End of /IRCOPS list

    I have added the languages they speak manually here, but they all speak English so it shouldn't be a big problem to talk to him. (These are all IRCops by the way )
    Please note: Most of them are 24/7 connected, so there is a big chance they are sleeping, working or doing other stuff and not paying attention to IRC. Stay patient and make sure you tried #help first.

    Open Proxy Scanner:
    Every time you connect a special scanner will perform a port scan on your computer.
    This can/will cause warnings if you have a 'warning system' activated.
    The scan will always be performed from IP: and scans a group of 30-40 known ports which are quite often get used by bad people to take over computers. (Botnets for example)
    Note: It scans for OPEN Proxies. Secured Proxies wont be a problem.

    Besides the scan for known ports, it will also check your IP in 4-5 databases with known proxies and to our private database with IP's from known abusers and/or other botnets not listed in these public databases.

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    6. IRC Indicator (in forum signature)

    Specially for Travian there is a system where you can show others if your online or not at IRC.
    A lot of users are using it these days in signatures, mostly in European forums.

    The more IRC populated countries have created a forum command for this, which goes like:
    [ irc ] NICKNAME [ /irc ].
    I added spaces to avoid the feature in case the admin has already, or is going to, enable this on this forum.

    In case this doesn't work, the following will always work:
    [ img ] [ /img ]

    Make sure to always add it as picture. It will show others if your / or at IRC.

    Besides the current (standard) picture, there 10 sets of pictures you can use for this.
    For more information regarding this, please visit the Information page regarding the IRC Indicator.

    Note: when the Admin has added the correct BB codes to the forum, you can also use the [ irc=* ] command to choose a set of images. * will be the number of the set of course.
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    7. IRC Services

    IRC Services is a system which is very important for the network.
    It provides a few services for the users which helps at various things;

    • Nickserv
      • You can register your nickname on IRC to make it yours only. This way others can not impersonate you while your offline. It also adds some options to make you join channels automatically, or being able to send other offline users a message on IRC.
    • Chanserv
      • This services allows you to register your own channel(s). It provides an advanced management system which allows you to add others at special ranks (SOP, AOP, HOP, VOP) which allows them to assist you with running the channel.
        Every time you connect and identify with nickserv, chanserv will make sure you get the right privileges at the channels you own or have extra access to.
    • Memoserv
      • This service allows you to send a message to a person who is currently offline (or online - it doesnt matter).
        As soon as this person identifies again he will get a notice that he has a message waiting to be read.
    • Botserv
      • As the name says, it provides bots for in channels to help you running it.
        You can configure a bot to kick (and or ban after X kicks) for CAPS, flooding, repeating, swearing and many other things. Very handy, but requires a bit more general knowledge of these services and IRC.
    • Hostserv
      • These services will most users never be able to use. Its dedicated to the crew of all countries to have their private host.
    • Operserv
      • As the name says, its dedicated to the opers/IRCops on the network. It provides them various management options to run the network


    When you use the chat regular, it's nice to have your own nickname, without anyone else being able to steal it.
    Travian IRC highly recommends the users to register their nick to avoid problems. They will not provide support if your nick is hijacked because you did not register it. With over 3 million players world-wide there is just a very big chance that someone else is using the same nickname.

    When using an applet you get online with either T_Guest*** or CCN|Nick
    C= Country, N = number of server. Example: com4|Nick

    To change your name:
    /nick nick
    Once you have changed your name, its time to register.
    Here you find the code to register yourself on the network.
    /NickServ REGISTER password your@email
    If you have done this correct; the following message will appear:
    -NickServ- A passcode has been sent to your@email, please type /msg NickServ confirm <passcode> to complete registration
    Check your inbox and try to locate the email from
    Within the email there is a command which you need to perform on the network to confirm the registration. This will look like:
    /NickServ CONFIRM code
    You might want to check your SPAM folder in case you cant find the email.

    If you have done this correct, the following message will be displayed:
    -NickServ- Nickname nick registered under your account: hostname
    -NickServ- Your password is password - remember this for later use.
    This means you just confirmed the registration on IRC.

    The next time you visit IRC, you will need to identify using this nick. That way services will know your really that person. To do so type:
    /NickServ IDENTIFY password
    If you somehow walk into a problem, feel free to join the IRC Support channel and ask your question there:
    /join #help
    Extra: In case your not English, or prefer to have services communicate with you in another language. You can select your language yourself:
    /NickServ set language 10
    Will make the language go to Dutch

    Available languages:
    1. English
    2. Franais
    3. Deutsch
    4. Italiano
    5. Portugus
    6. Espaol
    7. Trke
    8. Catala
    9. �* (Greeks)
    10. Dutch
    11. (Russian)
    12. Magyar (Hungarian)
    13. Polski

    Nicknames that are not used for 60 days are automaticly dropped.
    Channels will get dropped after 30 days of inactivity.

    For more information regarding the other services, please have a look here.
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    Golden Rule of Chatting
    • never trust anyone (including operator)
    • never give stranger your personal details (name, phone num etc)
    • never give anyone (including operator) your financial details (bank account, credit card etc)

    A Little Advice From Cisco
    Travian Chat Room, is using standard IRC chatting method, or open discussion room (or channel). There is no need to be part of Travian players to join this room. Lot of cheater, conman etc in this open cyberspace, always trying to find opportunities that newbie (you) offer. So, please think trice before giving any details to stranger. You might be ended badly - Cisco

    "Never trust someone with mask"


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