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    bolehkah kita menguna askar natar

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    klu askar alam xleh guna...
    ape lg askar natar...
    T4 utk mereka yg suka simming and utk org yg cita2 nk bukak zoo...
    after this myx...we gonna stop travian...
    will come back if got T3.6 server in .my

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    kalau pakai askar natar habis tu natar nak pakai askar ape ????

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    klo pakai skil yuri boleh kot, huhu

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    The Natars are a pure NPC tribe and thus cannot be played by oneself

    The construction times in the Natarian villages are half of that of a normal village (only applies to Natarian villages implemented after 28.11.07).

    The time has come
    Now that the days shorten and the nights become colder the people in Travian realize that the end of this age is near. The fading stories of glorious battles and pompous buildings of past ages were everything that would remain it seems. But the people decided that this should not be the way this age should end. A wonder should be built, a building of infinite greatness and power. This Wonder of the World shall unite the inhabitants of Travian. Sadly, however, the knowledge about the glorious wonders of the world was now lost - taken into graves by now long dead ancestors. Just before the people lost all their hope, fate guided their attention to the ancient tribe of the Natars. That tribe which already outlasted many ages and bloody battles might still own some of the construction plans needed for the wonders of the world but an eerie and eldritch sensation seemed to emanate from them. It shouldn't take long until....

    The tale of the Natars
    Once upon a time, long before the Romans invaded Travian the now free tribes of Gauls and Teutons were enslaved by the Natars. The Natars were a very peculiar tribe which would have been long forgotten, if it hadn't been for the tales still being told by wet nurses and old crones.
    The Natars once ruled over all of Travian and in all their power and cruelty they had an all-embracing knowledge about the elemental forces which would never be surpassed. Only a little is known about this tribe; only a single eyewitness' report survived the past ages. This report description of a "Golden City" tells whoever bothers to read it about a glorious temple located in the centre of the city, a Wonder of the World of indescribable greatness and power. Also one says that there are secret and arcane places where these temples can be erected. Places where the wisdom and knowledge of the Natars might be found to once again enslave Travian.

    The Natar's plan
    However; the Natars have plans of their own and want to enslave the free tribes themselves by constructing a Wonder of the World. But whoever erects a Wonder of the World in their stead will achieve the ultimate goal of uniting Travian in a world of peace and unison.
    In the end one will see whether the free people of Travian are able to fulfil this daring and glorious deed. The stories of the future, will they be about the valiant alliances or the eldritch Natars?
    baca dan phm
    playing my1

    all A's
    woot woot

    Wkwkwkwk...Biri2 unit apporching!...ready! set! mbekkk...

    "sometimes slow but steady, fast too speedy"


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    Quote Originally Posted by the_Best View Post
    klu askar alam xleh guna...
    ape lg askar natar...


    melainkan multihunter/teuton/gaul/rom/admin


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