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Thread: Becareful When Someone PM You Saying That You Are Infected

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    Dah x penah dapat dah.....
    Sejak disablekan PM dalam nih....

    Nasib la sapa2 yang nak PM tuh....
    Sebab malaun2 nih, terpaksa disable terima PM....

    Kalau x buat mcm nih, hari2 asyik dapat PM dari setan2 tuh....

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    apa tindakan moderator dan admin utk mengatasi masalh ni? sampai semlm sy masih lg dapat PM tu.. tindakan plz..

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    this spam pm is so very annoying, mods? what are u doing?

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    nie nama sender yg send spam kt acc aku..

    -HARI NIE - Billieejackson

    Dear, k_Own;night elf;hayita;gObLiN[VaiZaRd];Singa Allah!

    There are viruses' activities from your computer! Highly recommend you to scan your computer for malicious and potentially unwanted software. If you do not follow this, I will have to make a complaint to your Internet Service Provider with attached log file (your IP address, etc.). If you want to find a report about your computer's security and solve every problem with it, please click here:;night elf;hayita;gObLiN[VaiZaRd];Singa Allah
    This is an online service that you can use for free spyware removal. Use it to scan your computer to help protect, clean, and keep your computer running at its best. Use the free scan to check for and remove viruses, spyware, and other potentially malicious software and to find vulnerabilities or shortcomings in your Internet security.

    Thank you. Yours truly, William Jackson.

    -SEMALAM - securemangr

    Hello, dear user. Your computer was noticed in spam. It is quite possible that it is a part of botnet (see
    Strongly recommend you to scan your computer for trojan horses. For more info please visit;gObLiN[VaiZaRd];falanks;draker;Singa Allah
    Please, follow this. Otherwise I have to send abuse mail to your ISP with all the ensuing consequences.

    Admin pls ban both this id.... u guys ban je id dieorang.. bia dieorang penat nk wat id baru..

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    Default More

    Since I open this thread, more and more PM coming in. To this date nak dekat 50 pun ader...

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    ada forum moderator ke tak eh?? semlm pn dapat lagi.. (comment mcmni, for sure akaun aku yg first kena band seblm akaun2 virus tu)..huhu

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    aku ingatkan, aku sorang je yg dpt benda ni
    rupanya ramai lagi yg dpt
    xde cara ke nk hentikan benda ni?
    mod sila ambik tindakan..
    Register at any server here and get resource and protection from me
    I will do my best to help u


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