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Thread: looking for duals

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    Exclamation looking for duals

    hi im looking for 1 or 2 more duals for the mx9 IMPORTANT: There wont be the troop movements limitation it starts on the 5 may and it will be a teuton account with gold...a lot of gold. we need to cover from 5pm to 2am of the gtm zone

    looking for top

    want to play
    buy golds is a plus not required
    cover the schedule or part of it
    if you dont have experience ill teach you what you need to know

    skype: lost-damned
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    Default looking 4 dual

    im looking 4 dual in mYx4...
    already got account..
    nid dual espclly who can on9 from 12am-6am...
    PM me if wanna detail...tq

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    hi, we're looking for gold contributors for an account at my3, 30 gold per week is enough

    Account details:
    - Teuton, raider playstyle.
    - In a top alliance.
    - Got 5 medals at first week.
    - Top 10 raider.

    This is a serious account, if you are interested, please PM me.

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    Right. We looking for a dual for our top 10 account!
    What we gives you:
    - the top
    - a good account
    - fun

    what we want from you:
    - experience
    - buy gold
    - activity

    ???? & the account

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    Default looking 4 dual

    me looking for dual in account..
    PM me

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    Dual needed.speed server only.u should not playing at any speed svr on any countries.for fun only.gaul ghost.newbie lvl. Vm ur app.first come first serve.will personally contact u if accepted. Thx n goodluck

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    Hello people!!!
    I search 1-3 duals player.
    To the Acc

    :arrow: Rank: 350
    :arrow: Out of vision rank: 50
    :arrow: Deff rank: 200
    :arrow: People: germane
    :arrow: 3 villages to Me
    :arrow: Get to know!
    :arrow: actives!
    :arrow: Farm addicted
    :arrow: Sometimes golden player

    to you

    :arrow: Get to know!!!
    :arrow: active!!! Mind. 6 hours on-line
    :arrow: Addicted to farm!!!
    :arrow: Then golden player of advantage all other is discussed!!!

    If you you to competitions want then a PN or Skype writes to me: Sshrederman or Msn:

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    looking for a dual??
    i hv exp playing teutons and gauls.,
    love to farm + raid.,
    i'm a gold player only if other duals contribute theirs too.,

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    some one searching for a dual in i am online 6 hours
    also i need some one who could buy 30 golds per week
    experienced player needed
    my server time is gmt+5:30
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    Hy all,
    i am looking for a player for playing in COM7 that will start soonnn
    Well, we will play teuton as our tribe
    the server will start on 4th june
    I am searching a gold payer
    I come from india that GMT +5:30 so i wanna find a friends or teams that we can together playing this server and i wanna find a dual that is from an US people and non-US people(uk)

    And what we are looking for u that
    -Lot experiences in playing teuton in any sever
    -Raid like a crazy Hell and Fire Hell
    -You can be a nice guy or girl and also chatty
    -You can speak well in English language so we can
    easily chat in the game ha-ha..
    -You need to have skype
    -You must buy gold for this id

    If u're interested in joining our team, please send me a private message before 4th June


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