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    Dear Travian Players,

    New Travian 4 had a great launch and we are getting a lot of positive feedback.
    We want to thank your for the contructive feedback we got during the Beta tests.

    During the last weeks we collected the most asked questions around all Travian countries and wil answer them. Some detailed some not ;-) As we want to have suprises left for you.

    Best Regards
    Travian HQ

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    Player : Will there be a release of a "lite" graphic pack for T4
    soon? Something about a low resolution version.

    Travian : Yes, within the next week we will start to roll out a low resolution / low bandwidth
    version, in every country.

    Player : Is TG planning to release a mobile or facebook version?

    Travian : Travian is not planning to release a facebook application in the near future.
    A mobile version is a very interesting option for Travian and we are currently
    evaluating the possibilities.

    Player : Will there be T3.6 servers? If yes, will there be

    Travian : We know a lot of people like T3.6, so we will keep T3.6 as Travian Classic.
    If we have enough Travian Classic players in a country, starting a Travian Classic
    Speed-Server is an option for us.

    Player : Will we see more special servers in the future?
    World Championship, Nordic Championship, servers
    with other goals than WW etc.

    Travian : Yes, in the second half of the year we will start a worldwide qualification for our
    Travian World Championship.
    And yes, there might be other special servers in the future.

    Player : Will TG begin a more aggressive approach towards bot

    Travian : We already start to test a new system and the first results are very very promising.

    Player : Female heroes . Will they be added?

    Travian : Yes

    Player : Will there be a new graphical style for the forums?

    Travian : Yes, we will have the Travian 4 gaphics and style in the forums, as soon as we have
    a new version of vBulletin.

    Player : What about speed x2, x3 and x5 - will there be restarts,
    and if so, which version (T3.6 or T4)?

    Travian : We will have different speeds and versions, but not on a regular basis.
    Version, speed and how many servers there are depends on how many people we
    have in a country playing Travian 4 or Travian Classic.

    Player : Will there be a new tribe (4th, maybe 5th?)

    Travian : Never say never :-)

    Player : Will we get a longer link/village list?

    Travian : Yes.

    Player : Can I transfer my gold from T3.6 on T4?

    Travian : Yes, this is already possible.

    Player : Exchanged gold from silver can be transferred?

    Travian : You can just transfer the same amount of gold that you purchased.

    Player : Will be there prizes for winning a server?

    Travian : In the future we will have prizes for the winners of our championships.

    Player : Will the finals of the tournament played in T3 or T4?

    Travian : The finalists can vote in which version the finals will be played.

    Player : Is Travian becoming more gold-oriented?

    Travian : Far from it! With Travian 4 and the new auction system, every player - even those
    who don't buy any gold - can get gold from other players by selling items found by your hero.


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