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    Default Account Inactive

    How long if the account inactive will been deleted?
    How long if 2nd account that before login same IP with me, will been clear under MH rules? *Mean if I attack that account wouldnt been MH

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    As i could recall inactive id's in a month will be auto deleted .
    you need to clarify more details on same IP login example

    same IP's
    1. As a sitter ?
    2. network sharing with a different PC / Laptop?
    3. sharing PC/Laptop ( mostly multies ) ?

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    Same IP, but different PC.
    We are housemate, but now he no more play

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    most probably after 2 weeks or less but surely more than 1 week .. maybe forum moderator could correct me if i'm wrong

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    Any mod can give a correct answer?
    I did ask those questions to sokongan 2weeks+ ago already, but they no reply at all

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    my explanation should be correct then .. u could try after 2 weeks to start attack


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