Scattered Empire and normal version

TRAIVBXXIV-2190 the reports tab got reorganized - so that players find their reports asap
TRAIVBXXIV-2199 the report tab was improved by filters - so players find their reports faster
TRAIVBXXIV-2094 the hero name now links to the profile

TRAIVBXXIV-2537 Rally Point: Pressing 'Enter' doesn't start troop movement -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2539 Messages: Ignored Players: The ignore list changes the number of columns when having more players -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2546 Map: village popup: reports: wrong tooltip: "This village does not exist anymore" -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2547 Village Overview: Language variables shown for some text -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2572 Report: Tabs: Favourite: setting a tab as favourite is not saved if you open the page next time -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2549 IGM: BB codes: message scrolls down automatically if you have a long text and add BB codes -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2557 Tab 'Village overview': Tab 'troops': subtab 'Troops in villages': table breaks window with many troops ->fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2579 Videos: Resource Field: When upgrading a resource field via videos a different resource field is upgraded instead -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2580 Reports: "Previous report" doesn't bring the previous report if sorting is time descending -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2593 Reports: Wrong outcome displayed -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2609 Gold feature: Linklist: Feature is not useable -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2610 Timers are not updating -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2611 Reports: Surrounding paginator acts incorrectly -> fixed

internal stuff:
TRAIVBXXIV-2529 Cauldron: Hero Sprint: Possible to use more than one item at once -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2551 ACP: player's village: $temp variable on the headline of selected village -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2498 ACP: starved troops log: troops that starved on the way cause a fatal error when displaying -> fixed, troops that starved on the way are now shown as if they starved at home
TRAIVBXXIV-2603 ACP: Impossible to Punish players -> fixed

approved by QA

*without downtime (to verify)

23.03.2016 ~09:30 GMT +1 -- PTR (COM71), Teamserver (GQ2) -> done
23.03.2016 ~11:00 GMT +1 -- DE19 and RU20 -> done
24.03.2016 ~15:00 GMT +1 -- All Scattered Empire Gameworlds with smallhorn-10.9 and the three gameworlds with smallhorn-34.1 (RU6, DE20, CZX)