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Thread: Changelog & Rolloutplan Heroglyphs Hotfix 42.9: 2663

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    Default Changelog & Rolloutplan Heroglyphs Hotfix 42.9: 2663

    Changelog & Rolloutplan
    Heroglyphs Hotfix 42.9: 2663

    Scattered Empire and normal version

    TRAIVBXXIV-2854 Statistics: Alliance att/def points are not displayed when either attacker or defender is not in an alliance

    Internal Stuff:
    TRAIVBXXIV-2863 Anmelden.php is not able to handle AdCodes -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2866 "marketing AdCode" implementation on game side
    TRAIVBXXIV-2845 Alliance Bonus initialisation speeded up - to improve performance

    we switched to 42.10 within the Rollout to get this bugfix before monday
    Changelog & Rolloutplan
    Heroglyphs Hotfix 42.10: 2671

    Scattered Empire and normal version

    TRAIVBXXIV-2837 Cron died when he tried to execute Medal generation

    Rollout without downtime:

    08.06.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- RU6, DE20, DE3 -> done
    13.06.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- DE, RU, FR -> done
    15.06.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- UK, PL, PT, CZ -> done
    15.06.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- DK, JP, NO, SI -> done
    15.06.2016 ~15:00 GMT +2 -- BA, BG, IL, MY, GR -> done
    16.06.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- AU, EG, HR, SE, SK -> done
    16.06.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- IN, RO, US, VN, ZA -> done
    16.06.2016 ~14:00 GMT +2 -- FI, HK, LT, RS, UA -> done
    16.06.2016 ~15:00 GMT +2 -- QUALIFICATION GAMEWORLDS -> done
    20.06.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- AE, BR, CL, COM -> done
    20.06.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- NET, HU, ID, IT, TW -> done
    20.06.2016 ~15:00 GMT +2 -- NL, SA, SY, TH, TR, IR -> done

    >> Rollout completed <<

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    Changelog & Rolloutplan
    Kraken Patch 22.1: 2679

    Scattered Empire and normal version

    Important Notes:
    -Players need to clear their browser cache before they see the successful fix for TRAIVBXXIV-2765

    TRAIVBXXIV-2742 Remove numeric keys for PC browsers - so that players can input big numbers without confusion.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2124 Create new subtabs within the embassy - so that our UI is improved
    TRAIVBXXIV-2714 Add "exit alliance"-action to embassy - so that players can leave their alliance where they've entered it.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2760 Add comma to date and time setting overall in the game - to improve readability
    TRAIVBXXIV-2095 Show nearby alliances in the embassy - so players have a better overview about the alliances around them
    TRAIVBXXIV-2099 Show surrounding reports in the village/oasis detail view - so the game world activity is more visible for players
    TRAIVBXXIV-2763 Create a new pop-up "window" in the game - to improve overview of all UI/UX elements we use
    TRAIVBXXIV-2657 Delete Trade Routes to WWs after confederacy relationship ends - to be consistent with artefact behaviour
    TRAIVBXXIV-2754 Change the "can't change hero's village" text - to improve clarity
    TRAIVBXXIV-2100 Bring the player to the troop overview when releasing troops - so the player sees the result of his action
    TRAIVBXXIV-2096 Color code the quest rewards if the reward exceeds the storage capacity - so players are warned if they loose resources.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2098 Show how long it will take until a resource storage is full (or empty) in the resource tooltip - so players know when they should come back
    TRAIVBXXIV-2630 Add an "edit"-link to the send troops tab - so that the player can go back and edit his troop selection
    TRAIVBXXIV-2812 It is no longer necessary to refresh the page after buying gold
    TRAIVBXXIV-2691 Show high crop consumption in the resource bar via red numbers - so that players note when they are in a village where crop is consumed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2839 Remove the visibility of a "natar only" prerequisites - so we confuse players less
    TRAIVBXXIV-2154 Link the icons of troops in the choose troops form to the unit stats page – so the player can get information about troops easier
    TRAIVBXXIV-2101 Update the hero health bar when using ointment - so the player sees the result of their action without reloading the page
    TRAIVBXXIV-2103 Show repairing icons in the village overview - so the game is more consistent.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2123 Improve the tooltips of horses - so they take the Gaul tribe advantage into account
    TRAIVBXXIV-2729 Save per account cookie information (and not per browser) - so that settings of different accounts don't interfere
    TRAIVBXXIV-2102 Link to the combat simulator from the oasis detail view - so that player can learn about the combat system
    TRAIVBXXIV-2728 Hide the Truce SysMessages after the truce ended

    TRAIVBXXIV-2765 Marketplace: Clicking 'send resources' freezes the arrival countdown timer -> fixed;
    TRAIVBXXIV-2774 UI: AdSales: Building Feature: Button and text are not centered in box crossbrowser -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2782 Rally Point: Possible to select negative troop amount -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2793 World Wonder: You can upgrade a WW with inactive construction plans -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2797 Alliance: Options Tab: It is missing a tooltip when logged in as sitter -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2784 Pushing protection: Error prevents players from sending resources with type 3 connection -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2798 Infobox: Gold "extend" button: Is missing a tooltip when logged in as sitter -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2807 Confederacy: Conquer protection is removed if player joins a new alliance -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2785 Village Overview: Misleading use of colour in dorf3.php smithy tab -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2805 Village Overview: Smithy: "In progress" troop icon can be messy if researching in more than 1 village -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2827 UI: AdSales: text indicating amount of adsales building used should not have brackets -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2820 Auctions: Bypassing a gold confirmation popup is possible when exchanging gold to silver -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2832 Colorblind: Alliance: Online indicators: colorblind icons are not used -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2851 Rally Point: Farm list: US/UK date format breaks "last raid" layout -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2859 Auctions: Exchange office: smallest package pop-up does not open the payment wizard -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1836 Tutorial: Skip tutorial: "Unknown id" popup appears after registering -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2840 World Wonder: Image in instructions window has black background -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2838 Server time: Changing timezone does not switch the server time on some pages -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2879 Layout error: Village Map Info Overview: Line is overlapping through Main UI -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2877 Alliance: Profile: Members: No vacation mode note anymore visible -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2881 ACP: Village Name: If you name your village with Unicode 3164 "Hangul Filler" player cannot be attacked -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2886 IE: Javascript error prevents opening the gold shop -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2887 Reports: Archive: Broken report/ Blank page for reinforcer under special circumstances -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2890 Tutorial: The "Hints on/off" button wrong visual state when the Tutorial Dialog is opened -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2906 Statistics: Deleted Player: Blank line after deletion -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2907 Tutorial: Disable Help task skipped -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2913 Payment: Banned players cannot access gold shop -> fixed

    Internal Stuff:
    TRAIVBXXIV-2772 ACP : Gold usage : Name change has no description -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2799 ACP: Maintenance Work: Not possible to edit accounts -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2862 ACP : Error 500 for some WW villages in techsupport view -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2705 Add more editboxes to the online comparison chart so that CMs can compare more than 8 Accounts
    TRAIVBXXIV-2357 ACP: I want to have a loyalty overview column in ACP for all villages - so that we can check data easier
    TRAIVBXXIV-2703 Change the display limitation of suspicious account list, so that no accounts are missed due to that limitation
    TRAIVBXXIV-2868 Collect unused translation variables - to reduce complexity
    TRAIVBXXIV-2435 Remove specific unused code from battle system to improve code quality and performance
    TRAIVBXXIV-2708 ACP : Add account background color that indicates if an account is banned or in deletion in the resource transfer table
    TRAIVBXXIV-2712 ACP : Have in the resource transfer table checkboxes and action buttons implemented so that accounts can be checkboxed for comparision and ban
    TRAIVBXXIV-2776 Allow players to pay for triple donation - so we earn money with the new features

    Kraken Patch 22.2: 2693

    TRAIVBXXIV-2965: World Wonder: Not possible to upgrade WW further than lvl 49

    Rollout without downtime:

    23.06.2016 ~11:20 GMT +2 -- PTR -> done
    27.06.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- RU6, DE20, DE3 -> done
    30.06.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- DE, RU, FR -> done

    Rollout will be done with Kraken Patch 22.2: 2693
    (old world are already updated)

    04.07.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- UK, PL, PT, CZ -> done
    04.07.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- DK, JP, NO, SI -> done
    04.07.2016 ~15:00 GMT +2 -- BA, BG, IL, MY, GR -> done
    05.07.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- AU, EG, HR, SE, SK -> done
    05.07.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- IN, RO, US, VN, ZA -> done
    05.07.2016 ~15:00 GMT +2 -- FI, HK, LT, RS, UA -> done
    06.07.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- QUALIFICATION GAMEWORLDS -> done
    06.07.2016 ~13:00 GMT +2 -- IR, BR, CL, COM, AE -> done
    06.07.2016 ~15:00 GMT +2 -- NET, HU, ID, IT, TW -> done
    07.07.2016 ~10:00 GMT +2 -- NL, SA, SY, TH, TR -> done

    >> Rollout completed <<

    known issues:

    TRAIVBXXIV-2951 Profile: Not possible to change village name | it is still possible to change it in the village though, just not in the profile
    TRAIVBXXIV-2989Culture Points: New Village: Value inconsistency between Rally Point and CP bar
    TRAIVBXXIV-2986 : Map: Oases Info: reports are not displayed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2992 : Map: Error 500 when clicking on a village or oasis on the map
    TRAIVBXXIV-2910 Preferences of user are taken from account itself, not from the person logging in (a sitter)


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