Changelog & Rolloutplan
T4.4 (Oktoberfest) Patch 1.2 (2798)

TRAIVBXXIV-2014 - Add a tool tip to the "You are under attack"-Icons - to explain the player a missing rally point.
TRAIVBXXIV-2867 - Add links to the icons under the profile picture - to improve usability
TRAIVBXXIV-2873 - Add star to the window with tabs - that people can choose their preferred default view
TRAIVBXXIV-2221 - Add in ACP the possibility to flag players for a farm list captcha test - so CMs can test for farm list bots

TRAIVBXXIV-3323 - Rally Point: Troop Evasion: Attacking troops disappear when the defending account is a new account
TRAIVBXXIV-3314 - Building: Adsales: upgrading doesn't start after watching the video
TRAIVBXXIV-3216 - Refactor the dialogs - so that they are always centered correctly
TRAIVBXXIV-3291 - Banned account: It is possible to contribute to alliance bonus and spend gold
TRAIVBXXIV-3274 - ROA: ACP: Compare players: Resource balance in Additional information part is displayed incorrectly
TRAIVBXXIV-3297 - ACP: If you ban an player with too long comment it crashes
TRAIVBXXIV-3281 - Exchange the online state icons in the alliances - so players can easier differ between different states
TRAIVBXXIV-3233 - Implement hero status pictures for different states - so we always show the artwork we have.
TRAIVBXXIV-2982 - Get rid of AEu feature and unify it to the Territorial scenario (which is based on AEu) - to simplify code
TRAIVBXXIV-2592 - Quest reward text display overhauled - to improve stability of this part
TRAIVBXXIV-2093 - Change the URL in the browser adress bar while browsing the world map - so a reload doesn't open the map from scratch
TRAIVBXXIV-3289 - Auctions: Not possible to place bid
TRAIVBXXIV-3287 - Buildings: Not possible to cancel construction
TRAIVBXXIV-3285 - RoA: Alliance Bonuses: The table Contribution of the week resets not once a week as is written in the title
TRAIVBXXIV-3217 - RoA: Alliance: Bonuses: RTL: Scrollbar is displayed for the bonuses description in FF
TRAIVBXXIV-3175 - RoA: Alliance: Bonuses: bonuses bars move location, bonuses buttons are displayed incorrectly when zoomed out with broswer
TRAIVBXXIV-3273 - PaymentShopV2: Buy gold menu: Nothing happens when clicking on 'Buy gold' button
TRAIVBXXIV-3272 - Marketplace: Send resources: Not possible to find village with more than 20 characters
TRAIVBXXIV-3205 - RoA: Alliance Bonus: Progress bar: past bonus value labels should not be visible
TRAIVBXXIV-3244 - ShopUIV2: packages break into the next line when they have the same size
TRAIVBXXIV-3131 - Alliance diplomacy to be refactored to use TGAlliance - to improve code reliability
TRAIVBXXIV-3220 - RoA: Switching between mount and unmount doesn't update the hero speed text
TRAIVBXXIV-3214 - Alliance: Message: Invitation IGM does not include link of inviting player and alliance
TRAIVBXXIV-3267 - Payment: Image overlaps with price
TRAIVBXXIV-3245 - ACP: Villages with empty lines for accounts that lost the villages
TRAIVBXXIV-3260 - ACP: The time of changing e-mail address is shown as 'today' instead of current date in numbers
TRAIVBXXIV-3259 - ACP: It is not shown resources that were traded between suspicious accounts
TRAIVBXXIV-3264 - Payment: Sitter is able to buy gold without having the rights
TRAIVBXXIV-3176 - Hide reports about failed (for technical reasons) attacks - to improve user expirience
TRAIVBXXIV-3258 - Alliance bonuses: Missing language variable "contribute Resources" is not listed in the translation tool
TRAIVBXXIV-3211 - Support: Messages: Admin account names are not auto-suggested in the recipient field
TRAIVBXXIV-2550 - Replace the ally member rights columns with a flags column - to make it more flexible
TRAIVBXXIV-3227 - Marketplace: Buy: Paginator: Switching between ratios 1:1 and 1 can produce empty results
TRAIVBXXIV-3228 - Messages: The button which leads to travian answers page is missed for Ignored players tab
TRAIVBXXIV-3255 - Alliance: Translation is missed for Change alliance description in Options tab
TRAIVBXXIV-3241 - Alliance options: Profile tab: The title of the position overlays the name of the user
TRAIVBXXIV-3239 - Alliance: Members tab: The name of member is wrong when clicking on Specialization button
TRAIVBXXIV-3263 - PaymentShopV3: locale is not passed to the payment API
TRAIVBXXIV-2451 - Update the adventure start button - to make life of some bots harder
TRAIVBXXIV-3242 - PaymentShop V2: new pop up size changes brake layout
TRAIVBXXIV-3222 - Hero: Attributes: Village name/link is not displayed in the hero state, when attacking a village
TRAIVBXXIV-1872 - Automatically ban players with a very high request count - to suppress map checking bots
TRAIVBXXIV-3235 - Welcome Screen: Wrong display behaviour in Safari on Mac
TRAIVBXXIV-3236 - Cut the V2 paymentshop a bit smaller - so that we support our minimal resolution better.
TRAIVBXXIV-2262 - Change the artifact checks, so that the bonus could be 0
TRAIVBXXIV-3230 - PaymentShop V2: Package image is stretched to the size of the package border
TRAIVBXXIV-3225 - In the GTL overview there is no longer the amount of gold shown, the player can transfer
TRAIVBXXIV-2701 - Remove the mass deletion limit for accounts with more than 749 population - so that our CMs can work more efficiency
TRAIVBXXIV-3187 - Have a new tooltip for the ban-reason 99 - so not all players are rule violators when a game world ends.
TRAIVBXXIV-3189 - Introduce a minimal item average price for fraud protection - so that our fraud protection does not harm players
TRAIVBXXIV-3145 - Disable the marketplace link in the overview - to give information and prevent errors
TRAIVBXXIV-3177 - Crop balance overview: Oasis: Reinforcement: Consumption value depicted incorrectly
TRAIVBXXIV-3160 - Hero Overview: Appearance tab: The arrow doesn't collapse the menu
TRAIVBXXIV-3144 - Count higher train troops orders to the daily quests - so that we improved our daily quests based on player wishes
TRAIVBXXIV-3190 - Only want to treat real 1:1 offers in the market place as 1:1 offers - so we remove a misleading protection feature
TRAIVBXXIV-3183 - Regions: region unlock progress bar extends under map
TRAIVBXXIV-3042 - Hero: Items: Unequipping stackable items does not always work on first click

Internal Stuff
TRAIVBXXIV-3306 - api cache for goldTransfer.php cannot be created on live servers
TRAIVBXXIV-3280 - Remove the silverExportGate mechanic - to improve our fraud protection
TRAIVBXXIV-3231 - Player create debug command to adapt to RoA features - so we can test more efficiently
TRAIVBXXIV-3268 - Get rid of code/fx/gold2.php - to improve code quality
TRAIVBXXIV-3300 - Player actions check: nested ternary expression not enclosed in parenthesis
TRAIVBXXIV-3243 - As QA/Automated Testing - I want multiple debug commands to be updated - so that we test more efficiently
TRAIVBXXIV-2210 - As DEV - I want to introduce caching to TGHero instance creation - to improve speed and memory consumption
TRAIVBXXIV-2556 - As DEV - I want to remove the feature Nightbonus from the code to clean up code
TRAIVBXXIV-3171 - As DEV - I want to enhance ACP cron executed tasks log view - to improve usability
TRAIVBXXIV-3185 - As DEV - I want TGDebugCommand* classes processed - to improve consistency
TRAIVBXXIV-2984 - As Dev - I want to refactor del_inactive_players() function - to cleanup the code
TRAIVBXXIV-2559 - As DEV - I want to remove the feature Revive troops died in a battle to clean up code
TRAIVBXXIV-2555 - As DEV - I want to remove the feature Nightly ceasefire from the code to clean up code
TRAIVBXXIV-3120 - As DEV - I want to remove TGLogger class - to cleanup code
TRAIVBXXIV-2983 - AS DEV - I Want to rework GTL generation - to make the feature more consistent
TRAIVBXXIV-2904 - As DEV - I want to get rid of TGPlayerTransaction workaround - to improve stability
TRAIVBXXIV-2541 - AS Dev/Cleanup - I want to investigate usage and need of file gold_transfer.php in the game repository - to improve security and cleanup code
TRAIVBXXIV-3261 - x_acp_logging table still referenced in the code
TRAIVBXXIV-3223 - Selenium IDE and python webdriver treats click-area of resource fields page differently
TRAIVBXXIV-3138 - As DEV - I want to refactor new village id producing process - to improve code reliability
TRAIVBXXIV-2806 - As Dev - I want to update the game default GPack - to make testing RTL on dev environments easier
TRAIVBXXIV-3132 - As DEV - I want game/allianz.php refactored to comply - to improve game reliability
TRAIVBXXIV-3193 - As DEV - I want that TL uses ServiceNow via a proxy - to save money

Status: approved
without downtime.

23.09.2015 ~15:00 GMT+2 -- PTR

26.09.2015 ~13:00 GMT+2 -- ru2, de1, frx

28.09.2015 ~13:00 GMT+2 -- DE, RU, FR without Tournament
28.09.2016 ~15:00 GMT+2 -- DK, BA, AU, IN, FI

29.09.2016 ~10:00 GMT+2 -- JP, BG, EG, RO, HK
29.09.2016 ~13:00 GMT+2 -- NO, IL, HR, US, LT
29.09.2016 ~15:00 GMT+2 -- SI, GR, SK, ZA, UA

03.10.2016 ~10:00 GMT+2 -- MY, SE, VN, RS, UK
03.10.2016 ~13:00 GMT+2 -- TW, TR, TH, SY, SA without Tournament
03.10.2016 ~15:00 GMT+2 -- PT, PL, NL, IT, ID

04.10.2016 ~10:00 GMT+2 -- HU, NET, COM, CZ, CL without Tournament