T4 (Main Page) Patch - 77: 2774

Internal Stuff:
TRAIVBXXIV-2931 - Registrations with ad code URLs on the main page to work with adblock - so players can complete sign up
TRAIVBXXIV-3026 - Marketing Tracking for Russian Startpage
TRAIVBXXIV-2560 - Remove the MyGame functionality from the code to clean up code
TRAIVBXXIV-3088 - Implement this code on all TL start pages - That Marketing can manage the "More Games" section on their own
TRAIVBXXIV-274 - Implement an option to get an accustic readout of the captcha for the registration
TRAIVBXXIV-2155 - Introduce the new source language 'com' to the main page as well so that we can add new translation variables for the main page
TRAIVBXXIV-2541 - Investigate usage and need of file gold_transfer.php in the game repository - to improve security and cleanup code

approved by QA

without downtime

17.10.2016 ~14:00 GMT +2 -- GQ, NL, PL
19.10.2016 ~14:00 GMT +2 -- global