T4.4 (Oktoberfest) Hotfix- 1.10 (2843)

TRAIVBXXIV-3459 Rally Point: Troop Merge: Incorrect amount of troops merged if reinforcements arrive while merge page is open
TRAIVBXXIV-3456 Troop Merging: Possible to see anyone's troops
TRAIVBXXIV-3448 Mainpage: GTL: Target Player cannot be found if their username has a space
TRAIVBXXIV-3451 Barracks: You can train double troops when you don't have enough resources for the second group

GTLs that are older than six month still are not working, we will address this with the next update.

Rollout without downtime:

26.10.2016 ~11:45 GMT+2 -- PTR, fr19 (RoA), fr1, dex, ru2 -> done

27.10.2016 ~13:00 GMT+2 -- DE, RU, FR, TW, TR
27.10.2016 ~14:00 GMT+2 -- BR, AE, TH, SY, SA
27.10.2016 ~15:00 GMT+2 -- JP, BG, EG, RO, HK
27.10.2016 ~16:00 GMT+2 -- PT, PL, NL, IT, ID

28.10.2016 ~10:00 GMT+2 -- NO, IL, HR, US, LT
28.10.2016 ~13:00 GMT+2 -- HU, NET, COM, CZ, CL
28.10.2016 ~14:00 GMT+2 -- SI, GR, SK, ZA, UA
28.10.2016 ~15:00 GMT+2 -- DK, BA, AU, IN, FI
28.10.2016 ~16:00 GMT+2 -- MY, SE, VN, RS, UK