TRAIVBXXIV-3486 - Remove running merchants on conquer village event
TRAIVBXXIV-3485 - Adjust the Edit Players Profile page a bit to have aligned elements in there
TRAIVBXXIV-3411 - Redirected back to the original URL after a login
TRAIVBXXIV-3446 - Every tab in the payment popup should be accessible with an URL
TRAIVBXXIV-3394 - RoA: Quest - "Train 3 settlers" quest will be completed as soon as player trains 3 settlers
TRAIVBXXIV-3491 - Goria Medal will now change with the E-Mail when you do an E-Mail change

TRAIVBXXIV-3522 - Hero: Items: Auction: It isn't possible to sell your Gelding for 100 silver
TRAIVBXXIV-3479 - Dead hero information: Mozilla: the text near the exchange button isn't aligned to the left side
TRAIVBXXIV-3463 - Hero: Attributes: Dead hero information: Gold exchange button is inactive when there is enough resources
TRAIVBXXIV-3518 - Game end: System message doesn't fill the placeholders for alliance and player
TRAIVBXXIV-3498 - Options: Account: Delete account doesn't show the timer (only after refreshing)
TRAIVBXXIV-3511 - Earn gold: The table does't update immediately as the gold is awared
TRAIVBXXIV-3508 - Hero: Auction: Bids: not possible to delete a bid (redirection to Attributes tab)
TRAIVBXXIV-3461 - Dead hero information: Attributes: In case of gold exchange button is shown the clock has wrong layout
TRAIVBXXIV-3513 - Sitter: When a sitter write an IGM there is no more the information "written by sitter"
TRAIVBXXIV-3484 - Treasury: Artefact of the fool sometimes does not cancel its effect after changing it
TRAIVBXXIV-3497 - Residence/Palace: Loyalty generates without a residence/palace
TRAIVBXXIV-3509 - Rally Point: Troops are added to village before they arrive causing them to be deleted
TRAIVBXXIV-3516 - Rally Point: Settle village: Double clicking the settle button will send two groups of settlers
TRAIVBXXIV-3502 - Artefact: Artefact of the fool with effect of increasing cranny's capacity (*500 , *200) doesn't work
TRAIVBXXIV-3473 - IGMs, Reports: Mark as unread does not update unread items bubble
TRAIVBXXIV-3452 - Auctions & Player deletion: multiple problems while deleted player is the highest bidder
TRAIVBXXIV-3482 - IGM: Can't delete messages from other players
TRAIVBXXIV-3435 - IGM: Messages to yourself cannot be deleted on the first attempt
TRAIVBXXIV-3471 - Alliance: Members: Online status is displayed not correctly
TRAIVBXXIV-3436 - Tab: Tabs go a bit down after mouse over
TRAIVBXXIV-3406 - Troops: Combat: Catapults hit targets in wrong order
TRAIVBXXIV-3418 - Gold Menu: Advantages: Bonus countdown timer doesn't update

Internal Stuff
TRAIVBXXIV-3519 - As TechSpt - I want to update the default TiNA password - to reduce the need of manual configuration
TRAIVBXXIV-3491 - As POW - I want to extend functionality of the existing "request Gloria Medal" button in ACP - to increase player satisfaction
TRAIVBXXIV-3487 - As Design - I want to make attack/raid bounties add to the pushing protection for connection type 1 on RoA worlds - so that raiding is added to pushing protection as well
TRAIVBXXIV-3470 - As CSTM - I want to check/change the column types where we save gold in db - in order make sure we can save bigger amounts of gold
TRAIVBXXIV-3392 - As Design - I want to improve the trigger for the "three settlers" quest - so we clear out player confusion over this topic
TRAIVBXXIV-3472 - Debug Console: troops created from troop command don't trigger crop consumption calculation
TRAIVBXXIV-3413 - As DEV - I want to squash migrations - to improve maintenance times
TRAIVBXXIV-3465 - DB: Changing the language doesn't change in database s_details2
TRAIVBXXIV-3433 - As DEV - I want to enhance the graylog request logging for some edge cases - to improve the logging
TRAIVBXXIV-3462 - GTL: email adress gets checked incorrectly if hashed
TRAIVBXXIV-3384 - As Dev - I want hero picture avatar generation reworked - to improve player expirience
TRAIVBXXIV-3408 - Enable modified female heros for Iran
TRAIVBXXIV-3507 - RoA: Farmlist: You can add Tribe NPC villages and raid them
TRAIVBXXIV-3477 - Crons: When crons are run the language is taken from the ACP user
TRAIVBXXIV-3492 - Log the time when an alliance gains or loses the control over a region
TRAIVBXXIV-3515 - RoA: Quests: Train three settlers quest doesn't trigger after migration
TRAIVBXXIV-3458 - Marketplace: merchants events are not canceled after the village was conquered

Twitter feature is turned off by default
TRAIVBXXIV-3437 - Add tweets for the game world start events - so that our game tweets about these events
TRAIVBXXIV-3488 - Add tweets for Game Worlds End - so that we tweet congratulations to our winners!
TRAIVBXXIV-3439 - Add tweets for the artifact events - so that our game tweets about these events
TRAIVBXXIV-3440 - Add tweets for the world wonder events - so that our game tweets about these events
TRAIVBXXIV-3438 - Add tweets for the top 10 medals - so that our game tweets about these events

Status: approved
with downtime(~15 Minutes)

24.11.2016 ~13:00 GMT+1 -- fr19 (RoA), fr1, dex, ru2

28.11.2016 ~13:00 GMT+1 -- DE, RU, FR

30.11.2016 ~13:00 GMT+1 -- BR, AE, TH, SY, SA, TW
30.11.2016 ~15:00 GMT+1 -- MY, SE, VN, RS, UK, TR

01.12.2016 ~10:00 GMT+1 -- JP, BG, EG, RO, HK
01.12.2016 ~13:00 GMT+1 -- PT, PL, NL, IT, ID
01.12.2016 ~15:00 GMT+1 -- NO, IL, HR, US, LT

05.12.2016 ~10:00 GMT+1 -- HU, NET, DK, CZ, CL
05.12.2016 ~13:00 GMT+1 -- SI, GR, SK, ZA, UA
05.12.2016 ~15:00 GMT+1 -- COM, BA, AU, IN, FI, IR