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"So, this is how I came to understand where I left my money," Mark Atilius concluded his story.
The two friends were sitting near the fireplace in the architect's home and eating plums.
"You're really smart; you did everything correctly," Lucius said approvingly. "When are you leaving by the way?"
"You know, Lucius," Mark Atilius suddenly confessed. "I am not going to lead the trade caravans anymore."
Tarquinius stopped gazing at the last plum on the plate and looked at his friend in surprise.
"Why?" he asked.
"You see, I have traveled with the caravans since I was a boy. I've visited every region, but to tell you the truth, I haven't seen a thing. As a caravan driver you can't stray too far from those carts... Strike me dead!" Mark said excitedly. "And I always wanted to go and travel alone, by myself. You see?" he repeated.
Lucius Tarquinius Lepidus thought for a while.
"And have you already decided where you will go?" the Architect asked.
"Some time ago I bought a scroll, a fragment from a diary that belonged to a councilor who was the commander of the lost legion. It tells of treasures that they conquered in a distant raid and had to hide somewhere in the middle of nowhere," Mark replied. "But I still can't decipher it, the councilor used some weird code. Can you have a look at it?"
The architect took the old scroll from his friend's hand. He quickly looked through the story of the lost legion and found what the caravan driver had been talking about.
"I think you've been cheated, Mark!" he said with a short laugh. "This is complete mumbo jumbo!"

"We were on our way from -.-. .- . ... .- .-. . .- to --. .... . .-. .-.. .- , when we met a convoy that was travelling from .--- . .-. ..- ... .- .-.. . -- to . -... ..- .-. .- -.-. ..- -- . They told us about the riot that broke out in our home city. We decided to get back there as soon as possible, we therefore hid the gold five fields west from the nearest city belonging to the Roman Guard."

Decipher the message