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  1. Yeah, it does have the option to add a poll.
  2. Go to the thread you made, and scroll to the top. Find a link saying thread tools, and click it.

    Does it allow you to make a poll? (Just curious)
  3. Hehe, okay.
  4. When I feel like it.
  5. Loooooool

    I really really like Chatzilla's smileys. :P

    And when will that be, Torpy?

  6. The smileys look weird...

    Might get it when I decide to go on IRC more often.
  7. Does it work on Skype?
  8. Lol, it's just an IRC client.

    Surely you're familiar with mIRC? It's sorta like that. But methinks it's bettah.
  9. What exactly does it do?
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